Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

Teriyaki Salmon requires only a few ingredients and minimal effort but packs fantastic flavor. Moist and tender with a sweet and savory glaze, it’s sure to be a dinner hit!

As I went through my content schedule today, I realized that all the recipes I have planned for our Christmas series are meat and desserts, so I thought I’d revamp this Teriyaki Salmon I first published on the blog in 2015 and include it for variety.

A sweet and savory salmon is a great dish to wow your holiday guests with minimal effort. It requires a few ingredients, is ready in minutes, and delivers amazing flavor. Plus, it’s rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids for heart health. Win, win!

Homemade teriyaki sauce is made of four simple ingredients: soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. I like to add grated ginger and minced garlic to the marinade for extra depth of flavor. You can also add dried red pepper flakes or minced fresh chili peppers for a kick of heat. The ratio below is a good base point you can scale depending on what you need.

  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup mirin
  • 1/4 cup sake
  • 2 tablespoons sugar

How to Cook Salmon

The marinated fish fillets can be cooked in three ways, on the stovetop, in an oven, or hot grill.

Pan-Fried On Stovetop

  1. Drain the fish, reserving the marinade.
  2. Heat about one tablespoon of canola oil in a large frying pan over medium heat until hot. Add the salmon to a single layer and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Add the reserved marinade and cook for another 1 to 2 minutes or until salmon fillets are opaque halfway up the sides.
  4. Using a spatula, gently turn over the fillets on the other side. Continue to cook, basting regularly with the sauce, for about 3 to 4 minutes or just until opaque and begins to flake with a fork easily
  5. Remove from pan and transfer to a serving platter. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and chopped green onions, if desired.

Baked In The Oven

  1. Lightly grease a baking sheet and set aside. Drain salmon, reserving marinade.
  2. Arrange salmon in a single on the prepared baking sheet and bake in a 400 F oven for about 12 to 15 minutes or just until opaque and begins to flake with a fork easily.
  3. In a saucepan over medium heat, add reserved marinade and bring to a boil. Lower heat and continue to simmer for about 3 to 5 minutes or until sauce is thickened.
  4. Remove the salmon from the oven and liberally brush with the reduced sauce. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and chopped onions, if desired.

Grilled On Hot Grill

  1. Prepare marinade. In a saucepan over medium heat, bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until thickened and reduced.
  2. Preheat a grill to high and brush the grill grates with oil.
  3. Pat the fillets dry and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Place salmon a single layer on the hot grates. Grill, basting occasionally with the sauce, for about 3 to 5 minutes on each side or just until opaque and begins to flake easily with a fork.

Serving suggestions

  • Steamed rice pairs well with moist and flaky fish, making a great canvas for sweet and savory sauce. Other starches like quinoa, roasted potatoes, and egg noodles are also great options.

Storage and reheating instructions

  • As the fish tends to dry out when reheated, I prefer repurposing leftovers and using them cold for salads or sandwich wraps.
  • To reheat, place in a baking dish, add a splash of water for moisture, wrap loosely with foil, and warm slowly at 275 F for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the internal temperature reads 165 F.

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